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This could be the ideal solution for you

  • Checkmark LogoTo access your business bank account 24 hours a day for cash withdrawals, balance inquiries, and payments.
  • Checkmark LogoTo your card globally with ease.
  • Checkmark LogoTo always pay in the local currency.
  • Checkmark LogoTo maintain a business debit card directly linked to your business account.
  • Checkmark LogoTo make swift, secure, and convenient contactless payments with your card.
  • Checkmark LogoTo shop online securely without incurring any additional fees.
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Can you have a debit card on a business account?

Yes, with Ampere, you will have a business debit card linked to your current business account.

What is a consumer debit card?

Debit cards access funds directly from your account, ensuring you spend exactly what you have. They facilitate spending from your account, prevent debt accumulation, impose minimal to no fees and do not entail interest charges.

What is a business debit card?

Business debit cards are linked to your business account, meaning purchases are subtracted directly from the business balance.

Why would a business use a debit card?

A business debit card can benefit businesses because it offers spending flexibility, more control over the business finances and helps keep track of the business spending needs. Use it for online payments, subscriptions, business trips, paying for business lunches, etc.

What is the difference to the consumer between using a debit card or a credit card for making a purchase?

Debit cards access funds directly from your bank account, ensuring you spend exactly what you have. Credit cards offer a line of credit a bank provides, permitting you to borrow up to a predetermined limit for purchases or cash withdrawals. Such borrowing is subject to interest rates and timeframes for the return of the amount specific for each offer.

What do you need for a business debit card?

To get started, simply apply for an Ampere business account. Right after the account is approved, we promptly send your business debit card to you.
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