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What is a merchant account?

A merchant account combines two tools: an online terminal that accepts customer payments online and a banking account that accumulates those accepted payments.

Is a merchant account the same as a bank account?

A bank can provide a merchant account. However, core banking features will not be provided by a merchant account or provider.

What does acquiring mean in payments?

Acquiring banks process payments for merchants. When the customer submits their payment card details, the acquirer initiates a request to authorise the payment.

What is the process of card payment acquiring?

It's the process of collecting money from the business customer's bank account and transferring it to your business banking account via a payment card system like Visa or MasterCard.

What are the benefits of card payment acquiring?

Payment acquiring is a crucial process that enables businesses to accept and process electronic payments from their customers. It offers increased sales, improved customer experience, and easier cash flow management.

What Payment Cards can I accept using an Ampere merchant account?

You can accept all Visa and Mastercard payment cards.

Can I accept payment cards that are issued outside of the UK?

Yes, you can accept Visa and Mastercards issued by any country.

Can I accept other currencies using the merchant account?

Yes, you can accept payments in all currencies, disregarding customers' card issue country.

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