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Looking to kickstart your business journey? Ampere, your dedicated business partner, provides professional support and assistance at every step for newly registered start-ups.

Small Businesses

Ampere is committed to supporting small businesses with local or foreign directors. Our business features are tailored specifically to help save your time and effort while ensuring effortless usability.

Middle And Growing Business

As your business expands and demands additional support, Ampere stands ready to provide your needed assistance. Our adaptable business solutions grow with you, making it easier to manage your evolving enterprise.

How to open a business account with Ampere?


Sign Up using the app or website

Start your business account opening on-the-go


Add personal and business details

Fill in the director and business information


Verify your identity

You will need the registered address and ID card/passport


Grab a coffee

While we quickly check your application


Start using the account

Benefit from all the business tools in one place


What is Ampere?

Ampere is your All-in-One Financial Service for Business. With Ampere, you can open a business account in minutes, giving you complete control of your funds from one app. We're all about simplifying your financial journey, providing hassle-free onboarding and powerful business tools. We offer the lowest exchange rates and lightning-fast transactions for secure payments.

Where does Ampere operate?

Currently, we're opening business accounts in the UK. Very soon, we'll expand our services to open business accounts for the EEA.

Who can open a business account with Ampere?

You can open an account with Ampere if you are a UK and EU-based director with a UK registered enterprise (LTD, LLP, LP). Also you have to be a UK or EU resident.

How are my funds protected with Ampere?

Your funds are safeguarded by a certified financial institution under a FCA.

What do I need to open a business account?

Here's what you need:
To have a UK-registered company (LTD, LLP or LP).
Being the authorised representative of this company.
Valid ID: Passport or ID or UK driver's licence or UK Work Permit (with a validity not less than 3 months)
Valid proof of business address in the UK/EU: utility bill or bank statement (not older than 3 months).
Formal information includes full name, date of birth, address, email and ID card/passport number.

Can I manage my business account from a computer or phone?

Yes, you can manage your account easily from your phone, PC or tablet anytime and anywhere. To manage your account from the phone, download the Ampere app on Play Market or App Store.

How much does it cost to open a business account?

The price depends on the type of the account you want to open and the location of your business. For exact and detailed pricing, please visit the pricing page.

Do you have a question?

We are happy to assist - Ampere provides dedicated managers for our customers. Please leave your request & contact information via this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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